Ambrosia Orchard is a 12 acre apple orchard, cidery, and meadery, founded in 2018 by Blanca and Edison Bender. The orchard and tasting room is located on US 27 just a few minutes south of Fort Wayne, Indiana. All of our cider and mead is fermented on site from locally sourced ingredients. Our local producers are the most important ingredients.

Edison was born and raised on Bender’s Orchard, near Wolf Lake, Indiana, which is still in operation today. Blanca and Edison had taken over most of the sales and marketing somewhere around 2010. Around the same time, Edison was tasked with making a beverage that Blanca would enjoy. That first enjoyable cider was a tart cherry cider we now call Cerasium.

In 2017, Edison and Blanca started to looking for properties in the South East Fort Wayne area to start an orchard of their own. After several failed purchase attempts, a 12 acre property and storage barn went up for sale. It was the perfect spot. Their initial plan was to just make enough cider and mead to sell throughout the off season. Now they have outgrown their original 60 gallon tanks and stepped up to 310 gallon tanks, and are hosting food trucks and music throughout the summer.

Ambrosia Orchard is growing and will continue to partner with Bender’s Orchard until our trees are ready to produce fruit of their own.